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Hemar Company is a family business which runs in the textile market since 1989. Our office and factory is placed in Raszyn, near Warsaw. From the very beginning the company was focused on production of women underwear, tops, dressing-gowns and robes. Later on we have become specialized in knitting production on flat knitting machines and sewing lightweight knitted garments. 

Nowadays we manufacture t-shirts, shorts, boxer shorts, children clothes, sweaters and in the winter season hats and scarves.

Winter hats and scarves are mainly made under our own name "Hemar" but we also manufacture products for other companies with thier own name on it. We accept orders for sewing and knitting production and we manage the whole production process of every order. We guarantee good quality of our products.


Our focus is put on to:

  • knitting and sewing production
  • knitting and sewing service
  • garments decoration services
  • wholesale (Poland and Europe)
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In the section "Katalog" you can find our latest collection.

We guarantee to our customers high quality products at the same time offering a competitive price.

If you would like to ask about details, please contact us!

We are open for cooperation!


ul. Widoczna 3

05-090 Raszyn


Opening hours:

8:00 - 19:00

Phone numbers:

Office: +48 22 720 54 88

Marek Hermann: +48 601 209 911

Sandra Hermann: +48 501 792 689 (Eng.)


Hemar Zakład Dziewiarsko - Konfekcyjny Marek Hermann 2016